Travertine Romano - Marble - Close Up Travertine Romano - Marble - Close Up
Travertine Romano - Marble - Close Up

Marble & Limestone


  • AKA

    Travertine Classic,

    Romano Classico,

    Roma Classico,

    Travertino Classico Romano

  • Slab Thickness

    20mm and 30mm

  • Finishes

    Polished, Honed

  • Indicative Slab Size

    2900 x 1700mm

  • Scratch Resistance


    Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness

    Hardness Examples
    1 Talc
    2 Gold
    3 Limestone, Concrete
    4 Marble, Copper Coin
    5 Soft Quartzites, Window Glass
    6 Steel Knife blade
    7 Quartz
    8 Semi Precious: Topaz
    9 Semi Precious: Ruby, Sapphire
    10 Precious: Diamond

    NB: Our scratch resistance guide is indicative and may vary slightly by batch/quarry


  • Sink Rail U/M

    Minimum 100mm

  • Sink/Hob Rail T/M

    Minimum 80mm

  • Unsupported Overhang

    Marbles vary considerably in strength and therefore overhangs differ between stones. For example, Carrara C 30mm can have up to a 300mm unsupported overhang, whereas Emperador Dark 20mm can have up to 100mm unsupported. If you are thinking of using marble please contact the Artisan Stone office to discuss your project needs and possible overhangs.

    Up to 100mm

  • Pricing Guide

    The star ratings are a broad guide only. Each Pricing Guide star rating is a generalisation of a range of prices and prices can vary within each rating i.e. a 3-star granite will be similarly priced but not necessarily identical to another 3 star granite

  • Availability

    In Stock

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